Venue:    Serena Business Complex Islamabad
Date:       20th of November, 2012
Agenda:  To discuss options of collaboration between AKRSP and Star Farm to link Farmers/Suppliers of GBC with Metro CC in Pakistan

AKRSP Participants

Metro/Star Farm Participants

Ghulam Amin Baig,  Program Manager Institutional Development, AKRSP Mr. Tino Zieske, Vice President, Metro Group, Asia Pacific Region
Muzaffar ud din,  Program Manager Market Development, AKRSP Mr. Hans Peter, M.D-Asia, Star Farm Consulting Company.
Nazir Ahmad, CoP Sadpara Development Project, AKRSP Mr. Shauket Ali, M.D, Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Ata ullah Baig, Specialist Skill Development, AKRSP Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar, Director Corporate Affairs at METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan.
Aziz ullah Baig, Program Officer, Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan Mr. Hasnain Haider, Marketing Officer, Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Aesar Ali, Finance Analyst, AKRSP
Karim ullah, Market Analyst, AKRSP
Discussion Points:

The meeting started with introduction and welcome note by Mr. Ghulam Amin Baig, Program Manager Institutional Development, AKRSP
Mr. Muzaffar ud din, Program Manager Market Development, AKRSP gave a detail presentation on AKRSP, highlighting objectives, thematic areas of work and key achievements during its operational history of past 30 years. The presentation also touched upon current AKRSP focus areas including youth development, civil society development and economic development along with the way forward carved out by the organization.
AKRSP presentation was followed by Star Farm presentation by Mr. Hans Peter, touching Star Farm’s Introduction, workflow, and scope.

After presentations an open discussion session was carried out, in which the following points were highlighted;

Star Farm provides services i.e. Food Supply Chain development, business development services and large network of high end markets, especially Metro CC.
Star Farm aspires to ensure product traceability and transparency between Farmers, Suppliers, Consumers and Store networks.
Metro emphasized that their main concern to purchase GBC Agri-produce is GBC farmer’s compliance with such quality standards as GAP, IFS and Traceability etc.
Metro believes that GBC Agri-produce does not compete on large scale terms with other areas but hold significant advantage in terms of their ethnic origin which further enables them to have a USP.
Star Farm will develop the capacity of Farmers and Suppliers to comply with international quality standards that Metro CC and other High end Markets require.

Way Forward:
Since there is a significant convergence between the strategic objectives of Star Farm and AKRSP such as helping farmers link to national supply chains. Star Farm Pakistan will therefore arrange a meeting for AKRSP with Metro Pakistan to explore concrete options for a partnership between Star Farm and AKRSP for the welfare of Farmers and Suppliers in GBC region. In addition to this, a trial shipment of Apples is also about to be supplied to Metro CC Islamabad Store by BFA, Baltistan Farmers Association.

AKRSP meeting with Star Farm and Metro AKRSP meeting with Star Farm and Metro