Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) invited Star Farm Pakistan to provide training to the farmers in northern areas of Pakistan, Gilgit, to reach Global high end markets, they have identified the products they are interested to enhance capacity of, which are, Apple, Apricot, and Nuts as, and this project will be of the time span of 6 years. Star Farm has completed training of farm cluster growing apples; the training was conducted in October 2012, as a result for the first time, high quality apples from Star Farm trained farmers in that area are supplying apples to Metro Group and are registered suppliers of Metro Group. The training will continue in March 2013, as from November to end of February the weather conditions for training and agriculture practices are not favorable in Gilgit, Baltistan.

Summary of Project:

Based on the proposal to AKRSP, previous year and this year SFP is more focus on capacity building of farmers and relate them to METRO group. Regarding this SFP has trained more than 600 farmers about better production and product development. In reverse of these trainings 3 entrepreneurs in front with the back of farmers association of different regions started their business with METRO group in 2013 where potential crops are Cherry, Apple, Apricot and Dry Fruits. In 2014 there is a huge potential of temperate crops like Cherry, Potato, Apple and Dry Fruits so SFP is more focus on development of entrepreneurs and in this regard we have introduced 10 more new entrepreneurs from these associations and they are delivering shipments to METRO group.
The main activities in Phase I include training of farms base, developments of packing units, assessment of growers, product handling workshop and market linkages of potential entrepreneurs of GBC. In phase I SFP has uplift farmers for their better production and wastage control as well as development of traceability system of farmers.

Trainings that is delivered in different regions of GBC

Total no. of trainings SFP did in GBC is 26 in two years detail of training according to region is given below.

• Gilgit region 2013: 08 trainings
• Baltistan Region 2013: 06 trainings
• Chitral Region 2013: 05 trainings
• Gilgit Region 2014: 01 trainings
• Baltistan Region 2014: 03 trainings
• Chitral Region 2014: 03 trainings

AKRSP Supply Chain Improvement Program Activities

Supply Chain Improvement Program Activities Over the years