Venue:   Star Farm Pakistan Office Lahore
Date:      22nd of November, 2012

Agenda: To discuss options of collaboration between ASF and Metro to link through Star Farm  to enhance the capacity of Farmers/Suppliers also focusing on Shop in Shop.

Metro/Star Farm Participants ASF
Mr. Hans Peter, M.D-Asia, Star Farm Consulting Company. Mr. Shad Muhammad, Chief of Party-ASF
Mr. Shauket Ali, M.D, Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Discussion Points:

·         Mr. Hans Peter shared the concept of Shop in Shop in detail and its launching in January 2013.

·         Mr. Shad Muhammad agreed with the Shop in Shop concept and that there must be collaboration between Metro, ASF and Star Farm.

Way Forward:

As for Mr. Shad Muhammad’s own acceptance to the concept of Shop in Shop, he was very keen to work with Star Farm Pakistan on this, he has been sent an initial proposal so that he can discuss the same with the management of ASF and move forward.