Pakistan is an agricultural country having pivotal role of agriculture in its economy. Currently we are facing the energy crises in Pakistan. To develop the country and to meet the energy requirements we have to move towards natural as well as synthetic resources. In natural resources Bio Gas is a huge potential to energy sector.
Keeping in view the importance of Bio Gas plant to cater the needs of energy on the farms, Star Farm Pakistan took initiative with the help of Punjab Skills Development Fund to train the unemployed youth of the four districts (Sheikhupura, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Narowal). Star Farm Pakistan has been assigned to train 1000 trainees. 720 Bio Gas Plant technicians and 280 Bio Gas Plant Supervisors will be trained in year 2015.

Trainees for PSDF and Star Farm Pakistan Trainings

Schedule of Bio Gas Training's in Four Districts


In addition to this our Bio Gas Department is fully equipped and functional to provide consultancy and construction services for all types and sizes of Bio Gas Plants according to farmers’ requirements.