Applicant Organization:        Star Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited (SFP)

Title of the Project:                  Capacity Building of Entrepreneurs of GB

Sector of Award:                       Entrepreneurship

Project Duration:                     11 months

Proposed Project Area:           Following 03 Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan Region:

  • Gilgit,
  • Ghizer,
  • Hunza-Nagar

Under the proposed initiative Star Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited (SFP) plans to carry out a comprehensive training program for 450 farmers/producers belonging to 03 Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan Region in the areas of farm management, pack house, and process & value addition.

This capacity building will be supplemented with provision of technical guidance, facilitation in forming alliances with key stakeholders of the food processing industry, and development of trust in the market about the quality of produce, for all beneficiary farmers/producers, on an as and when required basis.

The organization envisages the process to result in an increase in the income of said farmers/producers i.e. 10-20% for Apricot & Apple Growers and 8-10% for Potato Farmers.

 Training Cluster Details with Month and Region of Training for SGAFP

Product wise Cluster Training Schedule

Apricot Cluster = Total 100 Beneficiaries
Potato Cluster = Total 150 beneficiaries
Apple Cluster = Total 200 beneficiaries

Trainees Data in Star Farm Pakistan Databank

Potato Trainees Data Apricot Trainees Data Apple Trainees Data