Food quality, safety and sustainable behavior run through entire food supply chain. Star Farm provides a full and comprehensive assessment from farm base, factory, logistics, warehousing and trade to supermarket and hotel. Star Farm assesses enterprise management, personal quality, technical level, production capacity, quality control, social responsibility and other indicators. Star Farm gets involves in the entire production process, consider whether suppliers can meet the relevant national standards, regulations, retailer’s own quality and social responsibility requirements.
With professional and technical advantages of Star Farm, our team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive series of professional assessment services:
• Food quality and safety management system assessment.
• Retail Stock and Store Hygiene checking.
• Social Responsibility Assessment.
• Star Farm Logo Product continued assessment service.
• Food safety assessment.

Standards and Regulations referred by Star Farm:
• Global GAP, IFS, HACCP, BRC, Halal, SQF 2000, ISO 22000.
• Customer’s tailor-made products, systems and store management standards.
• National and international Regulations.
• Star Farm Logo Product Standard.
• Directive 93/43 EEC on the hygiene of foodstuff.( European Regulation Recommendation)
• Other customer standards.