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Cordoba Organic Farms was established in 2009. We are growers and exporters of Bitter Gourd, Okra, Sweet Pumpkin and Melon.

We grow fresh organic vegetables under insect net and poly tunnels. We mainly use organic pesticides and fungicides.

We use chemical pesticide only if the pest count is above threshold of Organic ones.

We select the Varity carefully and don’t use any genetically modified seed. We try to grow the vegetables in old fashioned way but with modern techniques.

This gives us satisfied customers who love to enjoy old traditional taste and aroma of vegetables.

We are working on a project where we are growing the local original vegetables of Punjab, Pakistan and develop their seeds, we believe that after some time people will be asking for non-hybrid vegetables.

We will be having the seed bank ready by September 2012.

We are a subsidiary of Dr. M.Y. Akhtar Foundation and all the profit goes to the education sector to help the poor rural promising kids of 8th to 10 Class.

We started commercial scale farming since July 2009 with a vision to provide healthy, hygienic and nutritious vegetables using sweet water. We are being helped in knowledge by number of local and foreign professionals and universities.

We use Natural Compost to grow from seed to plant, we dig 3”x9” hole in the soil and pour the pure compost in it to transplant the nursery.

We use natural pesticides and fungicides like Ginger, Garlic, Neem Oil, Hot peppers Baking Soda and Onion juice. We use traps, biological control and alternate host methods to bring down the bearable pest level.

We do teaching for Kitchen gardening free of cost to help the people to grow and eat their own grown fresh vegetables on the roof top in cities like Lahore.


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