A successful apple shipment delivered to Metro C&C Pakistan from a group of farmers living in remote area of Gilgit-Baltistan, by Baltistan Farmers Association with the consultation services of Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Under the new Canadian International Development Authority (CIDA) funded program, Enhancing Employability and Leadership for Youth (EELY), Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) is focusing on strengthening of youth within local resources, like capacity building of Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Suppliers, Sales team, Processors, etc. of Gilgit, Baltistan.

For this, a consulting company Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. was engaged by AKRSP for the capacity enhancement of the agriculture stakeholders of Gilgit Baltistan,

Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. provided them a 10 day training on Global GAP (International Farm standard), developed and provided them Packaging (courtesy TFG, Mr. Ehsan) and created market link (Metro C&C PK) thus, for the very first time, they were able to deliver a successful apple shipment to Metro C&C PK,

Apple Shipment to Metro CC Pakistan

“This was a new experience for us and it was very informative, systematic fruitful training for all the stakeholders in the value chain (the farmers, entrepreneurs and our organization). This activity envisioned all the participants what things are important and need to maintain to access high end market, all those farmers who participated the training have brought improvement in their farming system. However it’s just started as a pilot and there is a good hope, which depends on the output or reward to access market and better earning.


The Master Trainers from Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. were very hard working, with good professional skills (theoretical as well as in implementation) and devoted.
As in view of expressions and experiences it was a fruitful activity for standardization structuring activities and links from field towards market in view of market demand”.

Jafar Ali Shigri
Enterprise Development Officer at AKRSP

“Star Farm is determined for the Market Capacity Building of Agri stakeholders of Pakistan and is expectant that Baltistan Farmer Association (BFA) with the synergic efforts of AKRSP, Metro CC PK and Star Farm Pakistan, can develop a long term prolific and symbiotic relationship and BFA can become a good source for Metro”.

Syed Shauket Ali
Managing Director, Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.