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Muhammad Tahir Saleemi


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Haji Sons Farms were established in 1955. We are growers and exporters of Potato. Having an export capacity of 3000 tons annually. We have exported the same to Russia.
Haji Sons Farm is dedicated to the agricultural activities involved in the production, packing and marketing of Potatoes, Maize, Rice and Vegetable seed. Currently, we are farming 600 acres. We own 479 acres and lease the additional 121 acres in production.
Currently farm has storage structures available, now we are constructing a cold storage facility.
Primary water sources in production come from tube well. Haji Sons Farm is committed to the production of safe and high-quality foods. We subscribe to the principle that the appropriate method to accomplish this is to minimize the microbial, chemical and physical contamination of produce at all points of the production process.
It is our goal to produce premium quality fruit/vegetables using good agricultural practices to maximize quality and productivity.
To accomplish this, the following documented food safety plan is implemented and will be followed by all employees, contractors and visitors to Haji Sons Farms production sites and facilities. Suggestions to improve this plan are encouraged at any time. This plan will be reviewed and reapproved at least annually or at the beginning of the spring planting season.


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