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Khawaja Mushraf Iqbal

Mushraf Iqbal Khawaja


Potato from KMA Farms & Live Stock

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K.M Ashraf & Sons Group has been a family business for many years. We are growers and exporters of Potato. We have an export capacity of 80000 tons annually.
KMA Farms And Livestock took start from agro farming to produce off season crops with the help of upgraded machinery and latest technology that helps to produce healthy produce.
KMA Farms And Livestock, where we have the best livestock’s that are breed up in the provision and healthy environments.
House doctors are premised to make sure that we have our livestock best nutrition to make our product organized.
KMA Farms And Livestock has the mission “to get the best produce with the best management and ultimate utilization of resources”
Our core aim and vision is to be the largest agro based company with highly skilled and organized management in the field of agriculture and livestock in upcoming 5 years, for this we are struggling day and night and growing each day.


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