Star Farm Pakistan is offering the Skills development program for the training of the residents of Balochistan Province through different NGOs, BSPs and Private Companies based in this province who are willing to acquire our services in different vocational program in 2016-2017.
The main objective of the vocational training proposal is to promote income generation and employment opportunities of the target population (less literate) in rural areas. Another important objective of the proposal is to improve access to vocational training for rural residents of all areas in the program by bringing training opportunities closer to their homes.

Responsibilities of Star Farm Pakistan:
1. Responsibilities will be :

i. Providing training in specified skills ( List of Courses Attached)
Covering the following components.

a. Vocational Skills Component preferably using curriculum developed or notified by accredited university/ Skill Development Council.

b. Functional Literacy, Numeracy and Financial Literacy (i.e. Core Skills) using standardized curriculum outline as stipulated

ii. Ensure availability of appropriate training and other facilities at each training location (e.g. washrooms, back-up power, drinking water etc.).

iii. Carry out internal monitoring to ensure quality training delivery.

iv. Establish a system for providing reports to host organizations within stipulated time through regular mail, email and/or on a web-based data management system as per requirements.

v. Preparation and submission of invoices to host agency for release of funds monthly basis.

vi. Delivery of training also covers developing study plans to be used by trainers and displaying them in class).

vii. Facilitate and provide access to host company monitoring team

viii. Display prominently banners / sign boards relating to the training, as per the design.

ix. To arrange for internal testing and issue completion certificates to successful trainees.
x. Arrange for a simple graduation ceremony on course completion
xi. Interaction with host organization in connection with all matters relating to the Skill Development Project.

a. Star Farm Pakistan will not charge any money from the trainees at any stage of the training process, enrollment, training delivery or certification.
b. All products produced by trainees shall be kept at the training site.
Responsibilities of Host Organization will be:
1. To provide funds to meet the expenses on training as per rate, number of trainees and payment schedule agreed in the contract.
2. Provide funds for meeting costs on account of Trainee Support which include stipend,
3. Monitor / supervise the training directly or through third party.
4. Take measures for quality control directly or indirectly.
5. Arrange and finance a graduation ceremony.
6. Bear costs on account of publicity as considered appropriate.

List of Trades Offered by Star Farm Pakistan

List of Courses offered for Balochistan