In spite of the drawbacks and difficulties faced by them, the cooperatives are the best-suited institutions for agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific Region. To a great extent they are indispensable for accelerating the development in general and agriculture in particular. For the formation of market capacity building, we have plan to market their products by different channels like E-commerce, HORECA, through market linkages directly with retailors. But doing all this, firstly we have to develop association like Traceable Pakistan Farmer/Suppliers Association (TPFSA), Baltistan Farmers Association (BFA), so that we can develop its coordination and arranging meeting with retailors and big chains. For the sake of market capacity building, we already launched pilot projects of different companies like Guard Rice, Agro Industries and Baltistan farmers association and we got very good results by making its association and work like a unit.

Responding to the needs of the members, thereby encouraging member participation;

– Providing technical support in areas of marketing and supply;
– Enhancing higher economic returns to members through value-addition;
– Delivering adequate and timely credit facilities leading to higher productivity;
– Offering a high level of market information enabling better business decisions;
– Demonstrate a high level of managerial efficiency leading to a better ‘good will”
– Adopting open attitudes towards joint ventures and collaborations.