TOPIC: Introduction to Star Farm Pakistan
TIME/DATE: 10:00 a.m., 10th August, 2012
– Mr. Syed Shaukat Ali (M.D. Star Farm Pakistan Private Ltd.)
– Mr. Muzaffar (Program Manager Market and Entrepreneurship Development) – AKRSP
– Star Farm Team –

  • Mr. Hadi Naqvi (Marketing Manager)
  • Mr. Hasnain Haider (Marketing Officer)
  • Mr. Zeshan Saqib (Quality Manager)
  • Mr. Farrukh Azeem (Master Trainer)
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan (Master Trainer)
The meeting took place at Star Farm Pakistan Office, Lahore and was commenced with a Presentation by SF Marketing Department, portraying the core agenda of the meeting. Mr. Muzaffar (Regional Manager AKRSP)after the presentation gave a detailed introduction of Agha Khan Projects, while focusing on Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP), later he praised the SF concept and showed a lot of interest to apply it on the current agricultural progressive activities being carried out in the northern areas of Pakistan (Gilgit, Baltistan). He requested for an official proposal to move forward in regard of the following fields:
·         The application of International Standards
·         Market Capacity Building
·         Forming Associations
·         Trading Platforms
He also Invited Mr. Shaukat Ali Sherazi (Managing Director, Star Farm Pakistan Private Ltd.) to visit Gilgit Baltistan to guide further for any other opportunities in that area.