AGENDA: Introduction of Star Farm (SF) Pakistan, SF System, SF Achievements, Future Perspectives and Market development to reach High end Global Market.

DETAILS: The meeting was arranged in Star Farm Pakistan’s office and took off with formal introductions of the participants; Mr. Farrukh Azeem briefed a presentation, portraying the core agenda of the meeting, Star Farm’s Workflow, Milestones, and future prospects.
Mr. Gordon focused on the reducing prices and quality of fruits and vegetables, he also added that Star Farm Pakistan must work for the capacity enhancement of the farm inputs, like seeds, pesticides, irrigation technologies etc. He also added that Tesco (a renowned retailer) is looking for fruits and vegetables which are unsorted but having good taste, certification and of course traceable, and the reason is that U.S engineered F&V’s are tasteless and having priced very high, Later, Mr. Shaukat Ali, provided details of the projects we are working for and the projects completed, also shared the idea of having a World Agri Forum in Pakistan, Mr. Gordon also agreed with the idea and focused on the need of identifying the buyers for the Star Farm Pakistan’s trained & traceable Farmers/Suppliers.

Meeting with senior consultant ASF US AID Meeting with senior consultant ASF US AID