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Muhammad Amin Khan

Muhammad Amin Khan


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Messa Farms were established in 2008. We are growers and exporters of Potato. We have an export capacity of 9600 tons annually. Messa Farms is a family operated company that encompasses the experience, research and development of over seven generations of farmers. Specializing in various potato varieties, the 800 acre farm is renouned for its modern practices and highly fertile soil that help produce numerous other crops. Located in the ancient city of Deepalpur (Okara, Punjab), which was inhabitated as early as 100 BC, and is presently the heart of agricultural Punjab. Ideally situated, the city has the advantage of all 4 seasons, water accessibility from seven different rivers and skilled workers that handle agricultural produce like a craft.
Messa Farm’s is the the first Global GAP registered farm for potatoes in Pakistan, seed for all of our potato varieties are 100% certified and imported from Holland,at Messa Farm we use state of the art technology from automated potato planters/harvesters and global positioning systems (GPS), to laser land levelers and modern cold storage facilities.


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