Over the past several years it has become clear that capacity building is central to the quest for sustainable development. So product capacity building has utmost importance for safe and sustainable supply of agriculture products, based on retailers, buyers, suppliers and legal requirements of production of different standards. We must have to develop our own capacity building in different products.
For the sake of product capacity building, we assure its production at each production unit by teaching different techniques like Integrated farm assurance, Integrated pest management, Pre and post-harvest loses reduction at each unit, Good hygiene practices, Good manufacturing practices to avoid further contamination and minimize losses.
According to the needs of our supply chain, we planned to establish product platforms for products such as Mango, Apple, Rice, F&V, Livestock etc.in different areas of Pakistan to assure sustainability of supply, throughout the season for all our retailers. We must collect products from different players of supply chain like farmers, processors, brokers and collect it in bulk at product platforms. Where it’s all data upload to databank regarding production of specific farmers and processing units. We have started working on pilot projects by establishing product platforms at surrounding areas of Lahore to assure safe, healthy and sustainable supply of traceable and delicious products.

Article contributed by Master Trainer Muhammad Irfan