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At Qazi Agri Farms we are much eager to bring revolution in Agriculture sector in Pakistan by adopting new trends and techniques to enhance the yield of crops without spending much of cost and having less land for cultivation.
During 1992, we at Qazi Agri Farms used to have ordinary farming techniques but after switching over to ‘Green House Tunnel Farming’ in 2003, there was a radical change in the production of our crops yield. With our untiring efforts and hard work; today we stand as a one of the Leading Farm unique in this type of farming technology in Pakistan.
At present, we have more than 200 Acre land at Qazi Agri Farms, under the utilization of green house tunnel farming; this system is not only rewarding in kind of revenue but has also to its credit generated enhanced per acre yield of crops. In addition to this we also provide free consultancy to different land lords to enhance their productivity.
With our untiring efforts and hard work, today we stand as a one of the Leading Farm unique in this type of farming technology in Pakistan.
Qazi Agri Farms envisions the vitalization of dynamic and market driven horticulture sector which is resilient, sustainable and responsive to meet the challenges of globalization. To give a better life exposure to a common farmer by empowering and utilizing their potential to make them fortunate by giving them awareness about the use of own natural available resources. Encourage and facilitate the growers to grow for exports by adopting the ‘Green House Tunnel Farming’. Impart new technologies and techniques to grower and processor. Create export oriented environment through procedure and quality standard through regulations and incentive schemes. Attract the local and foreign investment. Full Utilization of four climatic conditions, naturally available in Pakistan. Use of ‘Green House Tunnel Farming’ by the small farmer effectively.
Provision of free consultancy services in agriculture field as well as Green House Tunnel Farming technology. Make them proficient in the knowledge of horticulture sector by enabling to promote their own vegetable products globally.
Promotion of Cultivation on small piece of land being awarded to him as resulted of inherited division of land by their family. Last but not the least, we are making endeavor to remove the poverty from the country by utilizing the scope of our vision to the best our abilities.


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