After a mutual agreement between Star Farm Pakistan Private Limited (First Farm Assurer in Pakistan) and FSCAA (Farmer Service Centre Association of Afghanistan), training was initiated of a cluster comprising of Farmers, University Teachers, Students, and Agriculture stakeholders in Kabul Province of Afghanistan.
This training is intended to enable the farmers to produce high quality and safe fruits & vegetables according to international food standard that is Global GAP, in addition to training, these farmers associated with FSCAA have also planned to implement the unique traceability of Star Farm Pakistan to cater the needs of global high end markets.
With the vision is to increase the income of farmers all over the country through a developed and self-sustained Agricultural sector in Afghanistan, Farm Service Center Association of Afghanistan (FSCAA) is an agricultural services provider association to drive the expansion and enhancement of Agro Businesses, wholesale/retail FSCs (Farm Service Centers) which are established across Afghanistan.

To conduct this training, two master trainers from Star Farm Pakistan went to Afghanistan and conducted 15 day training, at the end of the first session, Mr. Shaukat Ali Sherazi, Managing Director, Star Farm Pakistan was invited by FSCAA to meet with different agriculture stakeholders like Agha Khan Foundation (AKF) National Horticultural and Livestock Project to extend valuable suggestions and guidelines for the development of agriculture sector of Afghanistan.
Star Farm Pakistan is in coordination with other development authorities of Afghanistan as well and is expectant to train 150 farmers for Global GAP implementation in first phase.

MD Star Farm Pakistan in a meeting in Kabul

Star Farm Pakistan's trainer on work in Kabul