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Syed Javaid Hasnain


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Shahpur Traceable Citrus Farm situated in the heart of Kinnow growing area of Sargodha division. We are growers of Kinnow our fruit has a long history and famous worldwide for its aroma and taste. A narrative of our fruit is given under.
Orange, a member of the Citrus family, probably originated in Southeast Asia and was cultivated in China by 2500 BC. Orange trees are widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for the delicious sweet fruit, which is peeled or cut (to avoid the bitter rind) and eaten whole, or processed to extract its juice and also its fragrant peel. The Kinnow Mandarin orange was developed by H.B Frost in his California Riverside University laboratory in 1915 through Hybridization. He made a cross between two citrus varieties “King” and “Willow leaf” resulting in the famously known mandarin orange “The KINNOW”.
The specie has many cultivars with a unique flavor and exceptional nutrition values its characteristics are:

Easy to peel
Enriched with vitamin “C”
High juice contents
High fiber contents
Pleasant aroma
Sizes ranges from 54 mm to 90 mm.


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