Star Farm Pakistan (A leading food consulting company of Pakistan) has initiated an Agriculture Farm, to ensure maximum safety, quality, and introduce traceability of produce, through Good Agriculture Practices. Mr. Marek Minkiewicz, (Managing Director, Star Farm Pakistan) Inaugurated a state of the art Agriculture Farm.This farm is exclusively growing for Metro Habib Cash & Carry Pakistan stores to reach out consumers across Pakistan and later on global level.
The inauguration of Star Farm Pakistan’s agriculture farm was held at Morr Khunda, district Nankana Sahib, Punjab, on 19th January, 2016. Among the distinguished guests were, Mr. Marek Minkiewicz (Managing Director, Star Farm Pakistan), Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar and Mr. Jawad Rafiq (Board Members, Star Farm Pakistan) along with Star Farm Pakistan Team and local community, farmers and food processors.
Mr. Marek addressed the participants by focusing on the importance of Pakistan’s role and potential in Agriculture. As high end markets continuously strive to pass the maximum value to their customers and it is not possible without the farms which are equipped with modern tools, techniques and practices.
Local farmers were enthralled with joy and excitement as this step by Star Farm Pakistan will equip them with modern agriculture techniques and excess to markets all over Pakistan.

Pictures of Star Farm Pakistan Farm Inauguration

 Greeting Mr. Marek (MD) on arrival

Mr. Marek (MD) was introduced with on farm staff

Directors of Star Farm Pakistan are inaugurating The Farm

Just after cutting the ribbon at inauguration

Mr. Merak (MD) planting in tunnel

Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar planting Lemon plant at farm inauguration

Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar watering the lemon plant at farm inauguration

Group of Star Farm Pakistan team with The Directors at farm inauguration

Star Farm waving at farm inauguration