TOPIC:¬†Forward Steps for ‘Traceable Pakistan Farmers & Suppliers Association’ – TPFSA
TIME/DATE: 3:00 p.m., 23rd May, 2012.
Syed Shaukat Ali


Suppliers and Farmers

Traceable Pakistan Farmers & Suppliers Association

The meeting took place at Hospitality Inn, Egerton Road, Lahore, regarding Traceable Pakistan Farmers & Suppliers Associattion – TPFSA; how it should proceed and what are the scopes and requirements to speed up the process resulting in commencement of operations of Product platform and overall working of TPFSA. A good gathering of Participants were present in the Meeting:

Participants at event

The Meeting at Hospitality Inn, Egerton Road, Lahore

Mr. Zeshan Saqib at meeting

Meeting was hosted by Mr.Zeshan Saqib (Quality Manager, Star Farm Pakistan)

Nawaz Dogar reciting from Quran E Kareem


Recitation of Holy Quran by Nawaz Dogar (Abedin International)

Syed Shaukat Ali addressing the meeting

Mr. Shaukat Ali Sherazi (MD Star Farm Pakistan) elaborated the scope of International Standards, Traceability and TPFSA, and the Support from Star Farm to TPFSA

Metro Presentation

Presentation by Metro C&C Pakistan Quality Department, in which they discussed the scope of TPFSA and its bright and productive future, also what role Metro C&C Pakistan can play in collaboration with TPFSA.

Tahir Saleemi TPFSA

Presentation by Mr. Tahir Saleemi (President TPFSA) discussing the current scenario of conventional marketing channels, Initial Requirements and future of TPFSA.


Presentation by Eng. Naeem Akhtar (Vice Chairman TPFSA ) discussing future prospects and current activities of TPFSA