In Pakistan, the market demands for a continuous supply of fresh and high-quality fruit and vegetables are increasing, in addition to sustainable agricultural practices. In order to support farmers to fulfill these demands and to optimize local standards, a partnership between Star Farm, and Bayer Crop Science was set up in 18th of April, 2012.  A project was initiated on chilies. A farm was selected near Lahore for the implementation. The purpose was to develop a best crop management system with the implementation of Integrated Pest Management.
Training session
Chilies SOP’s Training at Country Side Natural Product Farm

The crop selection was based on the market demand, and Chilies were chosen for this project. Bayer Crop Science provided an optimized crop protection spray calendar including innovative products and regular technical advice on the field to support the implementation of the program. Farm base team was also trained on safe use and IPM/ICM practices. All field activities were tracked in the field passport.

Star Farm managed the whole process of guidance based on standard operation procedures, organized in-house training, and established an effective management system.

Farm base team coaching on best practices was always the target of the partners involved.

Chili Plot

Bayer Crop Sciences Chilies Plot
  • For chilies, marketable yields were substantially higher with the innovative crop solutions plots compared to those employing local practices.
  • The marketable yield of chilies is 48 % higher than the local practices.
  • As a result an integrated crop management solution was achieved.