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Muhammad Asif Warraich

Muhammad Asif Warraich


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At WARRAICH AGRI FARMS, having experiences of years in tunnel farming, where we are providing the best crops with this great system. We are growing vegetables futile. We are not only growing these products we actually provide these products in the market from picking to packing for national and international markets.
WARRAICH AGRI FARMS presents a wide-range of latest business trends having three types of farms at the moment.
Warraich Agri Farms has area of 150 Acres where we are producing our products with tunnel farming. We have been doing this work since 1997. There have been plenty of upgrades and new machinery of technology that helps us produce the best and healthy products.
Warraich Fish Farms is located at Muredkey heading towards Lahore from Gujranwala. It is a farm of 160 Acres, where at anytime of the year we have our products ready from size zero to a complete market product.
Warraich Livestock is an area of 2 Acres where we have the best livestock’s that are breed up in the provision and healthy environments. House doctors are prevised to make sure that we have our livestock best nutrition to make our products recogaized.


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