Star Farm (Metro Group owned Company) is a consultancy firm providing consultancy for,

• Agriculture Stakeholders like Growers, Processors, Traders/Brokers, logistic bodies and involved in the on-site training, capacity building and implementation of the respective standards i.e. Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), IFS (International Featured Standards) Food, Broker, Logistics, ISO 22000, BRC, HACCP
• Productivity Enhancement
• Traceability of Food Supply Chain
• Market linkages to the Global Market.
“Enabling the Food Supply Chain to be directed towards Global High End Markets”
Star Farm established its Head Office in China in 2007. Star Farm China has trained 7000 enterprise employees, provided consultation to more than 700 agro/food companies and more than 2000 high quality products with Star Farm brand are available on all over hypermarkets in China.
Star Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. started operations in Pakistan on 1st April, 2011, the name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today, is due to the professionally equipped staff, who have been trained from China with a vigorous training. The Company has trained over 150 government employees (100 Agri / 50 Livestock) and 150 private employees, provided consultation to more than 55 agro/food Suppliers, more than 21 high quality product categories under Star Farm Traceability System, after getting training from Star Farm Pakistan, 20 Farm Bases have achieved Global GAP Certifications and 08 companies have achieved IFS Certifications.

• International Agriculture & Food Standards;
Agriculture is developed to be standardized, in this regard World has a renown standard named Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). This is the standard ensuring food safety, best crop management and productivity enhancement techniques at the farm level.
The safety of food is ensured at the processing level by the IFS (International Featured Standard. This is a unique standard in the world which covers the management system along with product safety through the whole supply chain, like involved processing brokerage and logistics.
BRC (British Retail Consortium) is the parallel standard to the IFS. Both include HACCP. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). All above standards are GFSI (Global Food Safety initiative) recognized.

• Productivity Enhancement,
Star Farm is also recognized for the productivity enhancement of agri commodities, like crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock, diary and the integrated. A successful value added project has been working with Bayer Crop Sciences (Details are below).

• Traceability of Food Supply Chain,
Food traceability means the ability to trace and follow a food, feed, food-producing animal or substance intended to be, or expected to be incorporated into a food or feed, through all stages of production, processing and distribution till the end consumer. Star Farm has developed its own traceability system (accessible through barcode via mobile, website kiosk machines etc) showing all the above mentioned details.

• Market linkages to the Global Market,
Considering that the most important link of the Food Supply Chain is the market, Star Farm strives for Farmers/Suppliers to reach the global high end markets using the traditional and modern marketing techniques.